What exactly is Sell'n Buy?

Get yourself a store window...

  • 750 sq. m available to you
  • A choice of over 3,600 locations inside
  • Sales areas beginning at € 1 per week
  • Area under permanent surveillance
  • Discount rental prices


Have something to sell? Any services to offer?

Sell'n Buy is unique in Luxembourg, a service that makes space available for you to sell all sorts of items with the following advantages:

Full freedom of choice

You choose and rent your space the week.

Earn money

You set your prices. If sold Sell'n buy takes a small commission of 15%.

Save time

You don't have to be present but you are welcome all the time.

Total ease

We manage your sales.

Simple processes

Bring your items, rent your space or spaces and get the earnings of your sales.

Easy service

We can transport your heavy or cumbersome objects.

User-friendly approach

Our staff advises and can assist you at every phase.

Guaranteed security

Your privacy is guaranteed and your goods are under surveillance 24-7. They can even be insured.


Looking for a good deal?

By coming to Sell'n Buy, you maximize your chances of getting a quality used item, because Sell'n Buy is:

Continuous replenishment

Good deals can come in at any time.

Wide selection

Good deals in 750 sq. m of space.

Safe purchases

You can test and try out items on location.

Save time

Take your purchases away with you.

Save money

Sellers set their prices.

Discover new things

You'll find rare and everyday items, but also offers of services and intangible goods.

Easy service

We can deliver heavy or cumbersome objects.

Easy payment

We accept credit cards and you make no virtual payments.


Sell'n Buy

Open Monday to Friday from 10:00 - 19:00
Saturday from 10:00 - 18:00